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What is family dentistry?

A family dentist is a dental professional who can treat patients of all ages. A family dentist has experience treating children and adults, making it beneficial for those who have a family or would like to visit one dentist throughout their lifetime. Instead of solely taking your child to a pediatric dentist, a gentle family dentistry office can take care of you and your child under one roof!

What are the benefits of a family dentist?

Besides being seen under one roof, visiting a family dentist office near you has other benefits. More than often, these benefits will develop over time. Some benefits of family dentistry include:

  • Simplification of dental records
  • Elimination of dental anxiety
  • Regular and consistent dental services
  • Best choice of direction for your oral health
  • Development of relationship with the dentist and their team

What is the difference between a general dentist and a family dentist?

The terms general dentist and family dentist often are used interchangeably. However, the main difference between them is that a family dentist specializes in care for all ages. General dentists have extensive training as well but can restrict their patient’s ages for better care. Both dental professionals provide thorough care to their patients to help them maintain or care for their smiles. However, at Martin Dental Center, we can take care of you and your entire family if you’re looking for a family dentistry in Martin, Tennessee!

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