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What preventive services do you offer?

Preventive dentistry focuses on keeping your smile healthy. Visiting our office for preventive care services, such as cleanings and exams, allow us to check for any potential dental issues and address them while they’re still small. The preventive services we offer patients of all ages include:

Why is preventive care so important?

While you brush and floss your teeth at home, routine visits give our team the chance to examine your teeth and gums thoroughly. Besides an examination, preventive care visits allow Dr. Duncan and our team to provide you with oral health tips, promote healthy oral habits, and prevent dental issues from becoming more serious, in turn drastically reducing the cost of future treatment. Practicing preventive care encourages a healthy and long-lasting smile!

How often should I seek preventive care?

Visiting the dentist for preventive care is essential to have a healthy and strong smile. The American Dental Association and Dr. Duncan highly encourage routine dental visits every six months or twice a year. If you have poor oral health or are at high risk of gum disease or decay, Dr. Duncan may recommend more frequent visits. By maintaining preventive care appointments, you’re taking the best steps in maintaining your smile and caring for your oral and overall health!

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